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About Cynthia Watson

         Opening her own business in 1977, Cyndi had to work hard to make a name for herself.  She slowly gained several clients due to her willingness to go the extra mile for her clients.  Also, many of these individuals were charmed by her wit and honesty.  She did not let being a woman and young stop her from becoming one of the most trustworthy and thorough agents in Indiana. Fast forward to when she became a mother (1982) and then a grandmother (2008).  Cyndi often brought the youngster she was caring for to her place of work, so she could serve without pause.


         Cyndi has had several offices over the years.  Though she finally found her niche in the offices of the Abbey in the town of Cicero, Indiana.  This is where she has been doing business for 20 years. Here is where she is never too busy to answer a call and questions.  She finds joy in serving with the gifts God has given her.


          She has been in the insurance business for nearly five decades and is not looking to end that streak anytime soon.  Cyndi really cares for people and wants to help if she can.  Whether it’s just a sit-down meeting where she explains options; or signing you up for your best plan, Cyndi does not do it just for the paycheck.

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